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Great Stability/ Dunqiang Metal Vineyard Trellis Post

Dunqiang metal vineyard trellis post have great stability and mechanical torsional strength.The orchard trellis posts’ 8 bendings to make the grape trellis post reach the maximizing strength,the open design for preventing moisture and internal corrosion.There have different surface treatment for you to choose,such as Z275g/m2 galvanized,powder coating,hot dipped galvanized,you could tell us your requirement,we could provide your a reference suggestion,no matter you have own an orchard or you plan to build an orchard.So welcome to inquire if you are interested in.

The vineyard post ensures torsional strength against the stresses of wind and machinery.


The H type holes of the galvanized metal vineyard pole make the wire easy to work,and adjust the wires according to your requirement.

The grape stakes is used for vineyards,garden as well as orchards,to support the grape,passion fruit,kiwi fruit etc.


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