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Galvanized Vineyard Steel Grape Trellis Post

galvanized vineyard steel grape trellis post

Thickness:1.2mm 1.5mm 1.8mm2.0mm 2.5mm
Surface: Electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, pvc coated
Zinc coated :50g,100g,150g,250g,275g,300g
Length:1.8m,2.0m,2.2m,2.3m,2.5m,3m etc
Feature: Easy installation, simply install wire, Eliminates the need for staples, wire clips, etc. Strong and long lasting.
Usage: Usually used for the fram plant supporting, grape post, vineyard trellis.
Galvanized Vineyard Steel Grape Trellis Post
Hebei Dunqiang Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd manufactures and stocks a variety of metal post used for trellising in vineyards, orchards, and a large assortment of fruits.Providing you a complete vineyard system suggestion and technical assistance for building a vineyard.
In business since 2000,we specialize in quality trellising, manufactured daily at our plant in China.As a manufacturer of metal trellising post.Our prices are economical and competitive.

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